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Boksburg, Gautang
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6 years ago | 3454 Views

Your smile is joy in my face.
The beauty of your eyes is love to me.
Your lough makes my own teeth to be out always.
I don't need water because your lips quench my thirst.

Where do i go with lotion.
Your happiness keeps me shinning.
Your presence keeps me warm.
Your jubilation is my ecstatic.
If you are with me i am brave.
Your caresses sent my nerves to boiling point.
Pour that joy in my body which is love.

Before i met you.
I never know love.
You appeared then love like a flower blossomed.
You are everything to me.
I call myself a man because of you.
Hope of my hopes.
Bone of my bones.

My sweetheart.
Don't smile like that.
It weakens my knees.
The lady i love.
Keep your promise.
I'll keep mine.
What is yours is mine,what is mine is yours.

Your anger and stress means death to me.
I fell so ill from an unknown disease when you are hurt.
Your tears are like the sweetest fountain.
I am not saying cry always.
Drinking your tears is not joyful.
You are mine,i am yours.
Bone of my bones.
My apple pie.
My honeybunch.
I will always love you.
Bone of my bones.

Poet: Nxayezwe Wayne Ndlovu
1 Nxayezwe
Tags: Nxayezwe,BONES


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Anonymous user 6 years
you are gifted writer pliz keep it up
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