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Boksburg, Gautang
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Thorny Tap - (Short Story)

6 years ago | 9203 Views

The weather was beautiful sparsely pantuated with clouds, a mild breeze and a crimpson sun was in the process of its western descent. I was feeling dizzy so I decided to take a walk to the river just to relieve myself and see the wonderful work of the lord.

On my way to the river I followed a path which was a thin line in the middle of the thick forest. Within a few minutes I was in the river relaxing under the big, dark shade of a big tree that was inviting. Throwing myself carelessly on the ground,  I took a rest. At the river, the earth was alive with insects singing and rustling about insearch of food. I was lost in my thoughts, imagining myself walking with the beautiful, gorgeous Tracy.

Tracy and I knew each other, but not that much because was hard to get, though she was beautful. Thinking of Bhija Tracy's father made my nerve strech to boiling point. I began willing that he cease to exist because eish he was bold enough, always in rags and tatters. When his red eyes glued at you, you would shakingly, confess your wrong deeds and sometimes, lies. Bhija was a bullfrog. He was fat, short though bold with a potbelly that seriously threatened to cover his private parts. His shoulders were broad and because of his short thick neck, his head appeared as if it was sinking.

Tracy was so gorgeous, penetrating like rays of the sun, during autom season, drawing everyman's attention to her. When smilling you could see those snoweee teeth like the light of angels. Every part of her body revealed God's tenderness and patience. Any men who was not finding pleasure in starring at her, then he knew nothing about happiness and comfort in life. I was planning how could manage to decieve her to fall for my seduction. I glanced over my my wristwatsh only to find that time was not on my side, it was flying very fast. I jumped up to go and nurse my grand ma.

I arrived home to find the lady lying on a seat. Eyes sunken deep into their sockects like those of a old dead crow. She was shivering with cold. She could neither walk nor stand on her on. She was greyhaired and had a wrinkled face, that was my grand mother. Mucus ran down from her nose time and again, she sucked it up with her lips as if she was taking hot soup. I feared for her and wondered how on earth could she survive. Nature was the only one to answer. Wrapped around her was a soiled and torn blanket."Evenning gogo" I greeted her excited, didn't even know what was exciting me.

"Evenning Eddie, where were you? I was worried about you mzukulu" she replied from her seat.

We chit-chatted while I was preparing our supper. The fgood was tasty and delicious, we ate it all. After supper I prapared gogo's bed and retired to my own bedroom.

Dawn was cracking and I had been up since three o'clock aftermid-night thinking about Tracy, who had stolen my heart. For she had come and conquered my heart, changing my plans, making me hope that oneday there would be a day break which would be dawned with golden rays that would make me see that there some hope beyond the horizon. After giving gogo her breakfast and washing the dishes I dashed out to the borehole whee I was to Tracy. On that day the sun was very hot as I pedalled my trishow steadily along. It was beating down on my thin shoulders and the veins of my hands stood out like cords but these things I didn't notice, for my mind was busy with a desperate plan. Shortly after, she showed up alone, my heart missed a beat as I watched the startling beauty of Tracy.

After exchanging greetings, I told her hw I felt and my plans about her,"Edwin I don't hv to lie to you, you mean nothing to in my life. I am safe alone." she turned down mycurriculum-vitae. With those words, I felt as if she was stepping on my heart. I burnt with love and disire, longing for this exquisity lady. I hopelessly said "Tee please listen to my side of the story." She mockingly said "Go on I am listening."

"I don't know how to express it, you are the glamarous one, extreamely attractive, pretty and stunning. You look like an Angel, if God had one of his Angels missing and ask me I will not hesitate claiming to have one beside me. Tee I am young, so are you. You are gorgeous and I am comely, personable and dishy. We are both educated to crown it all, I love, cherish and adore you." I paused. She only smiled with that perculiar smile of hers which had been always caught in my heart. At that moment I thought I had won the battle but, I wasn't started. She said" I'm sorry to disappoint you Edwin, try next door, with me forget and smile." I nearly collapsed, hearing those words was like carring a bag of cement on my shoulders. I decided to quit but passion, affection and love overcame me.

After a week or so I met her again and she shyly greeted me. When asked about my proposal she handed me a note. I didn't spent much time with her, I went back home wondering about the note's contents. I ran over it and melted up into the flames that had started burning in my heart when I realised that I had been scruitinised by one of the most beautiful girls I had ever seen. In the concluding paragraph it read" From the time I first saw you, I knnew that you are mine. If Eve was formed from Adam's rib then Tracy was formed from Edwin's."

The next day we arranged our first date, without noticing that Bhija was eavesdropping on ouur conversation. So he cut down some thorn trees(umkhaya) and placed them near his home. The sun had set, the moon and the stars ruled. I cat-footed to Tracy's bedroom, with coution I slowly pushed the door open and push myself in. Stealthly I closed it behind me. I opened the blankets and plunged inside. As I was openning the door Bhija was watching me. While I was in the room he pullud his branches and carefully place them infront of Tracy's bedroom door. The thorns were artfully placed they were curved so natural that only the person who placed them knew how to get out.

I started caresssing her and as if a gun was shot to start a race, Bhija also started sharpening tis axe at the back of Tracy's bedroom. He made a lot of noise that everyone heard it. Confussed in Tracy's arms, I whisperd in her ear "babes do you hear what is happenind outside?

She trembled and said "yeah it's daddy, maybe he saw you so it will be better if you try to sneak out".

So scared I asked "How do I get out when your father is out there"? She kept quiet, Loudly I said "Answer me damnt" again silence greeted me. Bhija's hoarse voice buffled me when he ordered me to get out. We came out with a plan. I grabbed my clothes and Tee pulled the door ajar. I rocked out like a bullet and plunged into the thorns, my naked body was pierced, ripped, damaged as thorns fed themselves with my flesh. I sreamed, rolling within the branch pressing thorns further into me. It was pathetic. Yes, really pathetic I believe every part of my body was paining as Bhija helped me out of the trap he said"I hope you have learnt your lesson youngman, which you will never forget,"

by Nxayezwe Gatsheni

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Anonymous user 6 years
Anonymous user 6 years
Its a good entertaining short story. But you need to concentrate more on your grammar and spellings. Poor spellings and grammar can put a reader very early into the story.
Anonymous user 6 years
the last para made me laugh , my vision could see the place and tyme
Anonymous user 6 years
You are really good i loved this story continue with the good work hoping for the next one soon
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