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Boksburg, Gautang
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6 years ago | 3649 Views

Weep no more.
Wail no more.
Cry no more.
Thula mama.
May your tears run dry.
You've been abused and defamed.
Emortional,Verbal and Physical.
Enough is enough.
You did the right the thing by allowing the law take it's course.
Thula mama,thula.

He will beat you no more.
He will assault you no more.
He will curse you no more.
He will insalt you no more.
He will sexual abuse you no more.
Paying of Lobola.
Is not the licence to abuse.
Women are abused behind closed doors.
All in the name of being a waman.

Wipe your tears mama.
In the eyes of the law.
We are all equal.
With the equal rights by your side
You are now free.
Athi amadoda ukuhlwala
Abafazi emakhanda.
Mina ngithi yigender equality.
Bathi yichithamuzi umswane
Wedube ongangeni ekhaya.
Mina ngithi ama50/50.

They say be smart.
Never lay your hand on a woman.
Just talk the way you want.
I call it violence against women.
Verbal and emortional.
Thula mama,thula.
They say the law favours women.
I say it's a protection order.
Thula mama,thula.
Weep nomore,cry nomare.
Wail nomore.
May your tears run dry.
Thula mama,thula.

By Nxayezwe Wayne Gatsheni.
Say no to Violence Against Woman and yes to Genger Equality.
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Tags: Nxayezwe,MAMA,poet


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Anonymous user 6 years
awuzwake waze wabathulisa omame bethu
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